Our Core Values

Helping You Preserve, Build & Transfer Wealth

We empower entrepreneurs to make financial decisions with confidence. Our clients are busy. They understand leverage and are involved in their communities. As captains of their own destiny, they value their time and a strong relationship with an advisor who cares deeply about them. Our best value creation happens through The UltraVision System® . We deliver quality customer service to our clients in Columbus and across the country. We leverage technology to communicate with our non-local clientele. We are backed by the horsepower of our broker/dealer Kestra Investment Services, LLC and custodian Charles Schwab.


  • Preserving Wealth
    • Legal – Entity Selection, Venue Location, Ownership Titling
    • Property & Casualty Insurance Review: Auto, Home Umbrella, Business, Professional Liability
    • Health/Benefits Insurance
    • ESOP – Employee Stock Ownership Plans
    • Life Insurance Audit
    • Life Insurance Shopping & Placement
    • Disability Insurance
    • Long Term Care Insurance
    • Retirement Income Optimization
    • Retirement Plan Contribution Maximization
    • Income Tax Planning
    • Estate Tax Minimization
  • Building Wealth
    • ABC’s of Cash Flow
    • Lifestyle Definition Exercise
    • Risk Tolerance Profile
    • Efficient Frontier Comparison
    • Asset Allocation Strategy
    • Accumulation Structures
    • Standard & Alternative Investment Placement
    • Math Modeling
  • Transferring Wealth
    • Estate Document Coordination
    • Beneficiary Designation Monitoring & Review
    • Family Foundation Creation & Management
    • Flow Charting of Beneficiary
    • Life Insurance Surrender Strategies

*Kestra Investment Services, LLC does not provide legal or tax advice.