Parking Instructions:
Our Columbus office address is 150 E Broad St. Suite 100 Columbus, OH 43215. It is on the northwest corner of E Broad St. and N 4th Street, between the Ohio Credit Union and The Athletic Club of Columbus. We have several options for parking:

  • Metered parking is plentiful on N 4th Street, as well as Broad. If your meeting goes longer than your allotted time at the parking meter, we will feed the meter for you.
  • The Athletic Club of Columbus has a parking lot on N 4th Street half a block south of our office. Note that N 4th is a one-way street and runs south to north only. Parking is an open lot (not garage). There is an up-front charge of $6 (we will reimburse you).
  • The parking garage attached to our building is at N 4th Street, just north of Broad Street on the left (west) side of the street (garage door opening with a steep ramp). Disregard the 'Monthly Parking Only' signs. Parking is free for our guests, however it is rooftop parking with an awkward and steep walk down to the second floor to get into the building. Large cars are not allowed in this garage (compact cars or smaller in general). *Note: you will need to let us know ahead of time if you select this option so we can notify the parking garage attendant.
    • Please stop by and check in with Mark on the second floor of the garage. Once parked on the roof, walk down to the second floor via the ramp and enter the building through the door near the parking attendant (Mark). From the second floor, take the stairs or elevator down to the first floor. Our office is located at the end of the lobby on the right.
  • The last option, if you cannot find a spot or are nervous about navigating downtown, is to pull in to the loading zone directly in front of our building at 150 E Broad St. We can keep an eye on it in the loading zone to avoid any tickets if you are stopping in for a quick visit.