Owner Looking to:

  • Step away in 2-4 years or sooner
  • Slow down
  • Have more free time 

 Deep relationships with your clients

 Have not optimized formal succession plan for you and your clients 

 Ideal Custodian Partners

 Small RIA Firm

If you checked 3+ boxes above, let’s chat… 

to discuss a potential partnership that would give you confidence your clients will be well-taken care of when you decide to slow down and then eventually walk away. 

Why Antolino Financial Companies? 

  • Experience: We’ve successfully acquired 3 other advisory firms in the past 5 years. 
  • Growth Trajectory Incentive: 20%+ growth year over year for last 5 years; grow with us and be rewarded accordingly. 
  • Time: Have the confidence to spend more time with family, vacationing, pursuing activities and other life goals outside of work by being unshackled of the day-to-day operations of the business. 
  • Systems: We have developed systems and processes like The UltraVision System®, The ABC’s of Cash Flow™ and other proprietary processes that separate us from our competitors that will benefit your clients. 
  • Multi-generational Ownership: we have ownership spread out over 4 decades and are built to be around for the next 50+ years. 
  • Caring Deeply: We have a culture of caring deeply about a few, great people: our clients and our employees. We will extend this culture of caring to our partners’ client relationships to give you confidence they will get a service experience that will exceed expectations. 
  • Investment Strategies: Our Investment Committee is equipped to learn and incorporate your existing strategies to continue offering your clients the same strategy after a transition.
  • The UltraVision System®: Our time-tested, proven financial planning process sets us apart from other advisors.   

Email jwohl@antolino.com or call 614-545-3777