Christian M. Hertl CFP®


Tell us about yourself and your family.

I grew up outside of Cleveland as one of 7 children. My parents somehow made ends meet on a church salary and got all of us through college! Today, I live in Upper Arlington with my wife, Kristine and two sons, Sam, and George. And of course, the dogs. There are always a few of them running around.

Why did you pursue a career in finance?

I guess this started by being undecided about a major while studying at Ohio State. I took every kind of class they had and worried any choice would limit the world I may work in. I figured that everything needs money – so Finance must be a part of everything. Thinking about that choice today I feel so lucky! I have a knack for learning new things and connecting different ideas, love solving puzzles, and talking to people – so a career spent helping people achieve the dreams they pursue is the perfect place for me.

What is your role at Antolino & Associates?

We have a lot of roles to fill as our business grows, but the two that I spend the most time in are: 1) working with clients as an Advisor to help them make confident decisions and take action towards their goals and 2) the other partners and me focus on the many components of a growing business to “tighten up” each process so that it is optimized to deliver the best result.

What do you do for fun?

I love to be outside – hiking, swimming, reading a book, sitting in a boat, or looking at the stars - anything. Spending time with people keeps me energized, so I am always looking for something fun to do. Sometimes that is chasing my kids all over the country for soccer or traveling to an exciting new spot with my wife.