Garrett Smith

Tell us about yourself and your family.
I am born and raised in Dublin, Ohio with my three siblings. Family, friends, and my Faith have always been a major focal point in my life. I graduated from the Ohio State University after attending Cincinnati University. I have a love for sports and grew up playing and watching Football and Basketball. I am an avid Cincinnati Bengals and Ohio State Buckeyes fan. In recent years I picked up the love for golf and skiing. I also enjoy traveling whether it’s with my friends or my family.
Why did you pursue a career in finance?
I pursued a career in finance because I have always been drawn to the analytical and strategic process of it and realized its importance. Growing up I always enjoyed math and numbers and I was influenced by my dad’s career in finance. I have a genuine care for helping people make the best out of their lives and have financial freedom and support. I believe that the people that you have in your corner is what makes you the best you, so I am thankful to be with a company like Antolino & Associates who share the same passion for advice.
What is your role at Antolino & Associates?
I joined the firm in early 2024. My goal is to become a financial advisor with Antolino & Associates.  I assist the advisors with their preparation for strategic planning and growth plans for our clients that will allow them to make the best choices for their financial health. I am currently pursuing my SIE and CFP.
What might we catch you doing for fun on the weekend?
On the weekend you will catch me watching sports and hanging out with my friends and family. I enjoy trying new food and satisfying my competitive side by golfing, bowling, and trying other activities. I like grilling, watching movies and occasionally do a weekend getaway.